tweaking some stuff

i’ve been sitting here messing with things out of boredom. i updated the photo gallery and added the ability to rate photos. i’ve also been slapping the css file around a bit. i’ve been surfing source forge for some new ideas. phil always complained about the text being hard to read, so i messed with the background behind the text. let me know what you think.
you should be able to click that photo and get directly to the new and improved photo gallery.
i’m not sure how long that voting thing is going to last, because i already don’t like it all that much.
ok, i shut down the photo rating thing, before anyone got a chance to tell me that photos of me suck shit. on my own website. actually, i just couldn’t stand the way that it looked and thought the whole interface was sucky.






3 responses to “tweaking some stuff”

  1. Alberto Hernandez Avatar
    Alberto Hernandez

    Yeah, I’m glad you didn’t include the photo rating thing… Beside the fact that not only the photos of you would be claimed as sucky, more importantly — the ones of ME would be claimed as more sucky!
    Oh, isn’t that reserved for lame things like Myspace and FaceTheJury?, the next “meet me online and get laid” website. Wooha!
    (or maybe that should be or, hm…)

  2. rowdy libido Avatar

    i have always regarded this site as the next “meet me online and get laid” sexual networking portal. (hahaha he said sexual networking portal). so far though, it’s the sound of one hand clapping around here.

  3. youarepussies Avatar

    you guys are pussies….throw the rating thing up and take some hits to the ego or have it inflated or feel really good about yourself as people don’t give a fuck and thus don’t rate you at all. That tall bald guy has nothing to worry about he’s a right salty bastard!

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