playing around

the piano and the guitar were competing for my attention all night. i ended up putting some new beauty marks on the sg. not out of frustration, not like drunken target practice with the bb gun, just more like carelessness.
i was loving both of them. the piano was feeling slightly sad, brooding pseudo-intellectual barfly, and the guitar just felt like rocking. i capped the night by playing through some tom waits on the kurz. i miss my steinway upright. i miss having people gather around the piano at four in the morning right before passing out, and singing some song together that makes everyone feel like you’ve just shared a lifetime. i’m not even bothering to try to describe this longing accurately, because i can’t….it’s a distillation of countless nights spent playing the piano in some living room, usually with two or three crowded onto the bench, sharing an experience that feels so intimate and authentic, there is no way that even a cynical bastard like myself could argue a shadow of doubt into it. fuck. i miss times like that.






2 responses to “playing around”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    I’m glad to hear that you are longing for the Steinway. Should I send it up to you?

  2. eric Avatar

    gonna have to wait until i get a house.

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