the point of confusion

today was yet another great day on the water. tiffany bozic and alberto hernandez joined me cruising around angel island, up raccoon strait, and then back in through the center of the bay. i’m pretty sure that i have found, not the sea of confusion, but rather the point of confusion, and it lies to windward of angel island. the wind and waves of the pacific ocean come whipping through the golden gate, and the first obstacle they hit is angel island. even on a perfect day like today, the boate becomes very disoriented in that rare bit of water, where the ocean always seems to roil like thousands of large fish are rising to feed, and the wind shifts in the most unpredictable ways.
after pulling into the marina right at sunset, we went to a barbecue over at tiffany’s friend manny’s place. he makes surfboards, as in, really amazingly cool ones. alberto and tiffany took some cool photos.






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