tropical winds

i don’t know to what we owe this unbelievably good weather. if this is evidence of global climate change, then i am going to buy an s.u.v. and do my part to keep days like this coming. today was just like yesterday, except there was an excellent breeze. alberto and kin were along, and we got a bit of a late start, but then tacked our way out to alcatraz and then back. i held a perfect wing-on-wing (main to port, jib to starboard), all the way back to the marina, and we flew. alberto brought his pouch of gauloises, a tobacco for which i have a certain weakness, so i rolled a couple and enjoyed them. we got back into the marina around 6:30 and headed over to the mallardacus (club mallard) for a relaxing cocktail on the upper polynesian deck afterwards. today was, i believe, the best sailing weather i have experienced yet.






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  1. Alberto Hernandez Avatar
    Alberto Hernandez

    First time on The Boate today and I was fully loving it!! Nothing could have started my week off any better than this little boat(e) ride. Looking forward to doing it again soon.
    Most cathardic / happy-sunny day of the last two years — officially.

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