the boate is ready

spent the afternoon on the boate getting things ready for tomorrow. i attached the port stay and the newly varnished tiller arm, cleaned up the saw dust and wood scraps, and stowed all the tools. then i grabbed the scrub brush and swabbed the deck a bit.
i didn’t tension the stay to where i think it should be yet. i’ll do that in the morning. went to dinner with phil over on solano at sushi sho and ate way too much. we were going to go to miyuki, which is a few doors down, but neither of us had been in the sushi “slow” as it is known locally, so we tried it out. the maguro and fresh sea scallop were exceptionally tasty. everything, actually, was very fresh and very good.

after dinner, i walked phil up the block to my current favorite smelling plant in the neighborhood, this big trellised jasmine bush on hopkins street. i got a little pissed off when i remembered that someone destroyed the gardenia at the gallery last week. i planted it outside the 2nd street door last fall, and it had just started to flower. i got it for tiffany, because she is always wearing gardenias in her hair. then some dumb asshole decided that it was deserving of a brutal death by crushing blow and smashing.

the weather is so incredibly beautiful, i think i will maybe stay a night or two on the boate this week. i have only taken afternoon naps on her so far, but the sleep has been a transport to distant lands and faraway places. especially when i fell asleep one afternoon reading mutiny on the bounty.






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