opening day

jud and sam joined steen and i out on the bay for the official opening day of the sailing season. we missed the parade of boats over near the city, because the wind was calm and the weather hot. in other words, it was the perfect day to cruise around with absolutely no agenda or destination. (i am not peppering this entry with salty languge, i shall leave that to steen over on the boate…) around two in the afternoon, i went below and configured the cushions into the double berth, and took one of the sweetest two hour naps i have ever had. normally i cannot nap in the afternoon, but the heat and the gentle motion of the boate underway were the ideal conditions for lulling me into one. i am going out tomorrow and tuesday as well, if i can find people without day jobs to go with me. it’s supposed to be in the nineties both days.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Beautiful! Life is good for you. What a blessing for me!

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