rainbow six

there are a bunch of new maps for rainbow six that came out, but i’m so rusty. and the player ranking got reset when they redid the xbox online system, so i am a little worried about diving in there and ruining my pristine kill ratio by showing up in a room full of punks who already know the maps and are just going to wail me. i think i’m going to do a little practicing and then go frag away tonight. usually i have a bit of an advantage on friday and saturday nights, because even the really good players are often shitplowed.
i’m talking to steen on the ichat right now, and i feel like a bit of a dumbass because of a couple of messages that i sent to someone today. i think steen agrees. [update: steen does not agree] oh well, nothing like slapping a bunch of jokers with claymores to clear the mind of the day’s errors.
it’s kind of funny that i like first person shooting games. my parents were pretty much hippies, and we weren’t allowed to have any military toys or play guns or anything martial. i guess i don’t really identify games with violence. they are more like frenetically-paced games of chess (spatial zones of control) and billiards (because of the angles) rolled into one. and i really like the social aspect of rainbow, although it takes some time to find people that you gel with. although it can be fun playing with people you do not get along with. nothing like taunting some 40 year old dude until he yells into the microphone so loud that he wakes up his wife and daughter and gets forcibly told that “it’s time for bed!!”






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