coming down again

this mp3 i am listening to has sway and coming down again in one file. coming down again is not a great song to face the day with.
although “slipped my tongue in someone else’s pie, tasting better all the time” is one of my all-time favorite memorable lines.
by the way, i am experimenting with links on here not being pop-ups. phil wrote me yesterday, saying he thought it would be cleaner and more elegant. and that pop-ups smack a bit of possessiveness, as in i am insisting that you remain at my site for the duration of your surfing. possessiveness sucks.

i have been in a fairly introspective mood lately, at least in my posting. perhaps it is because things in the world around me are falling to shit, and it looks like it may get much worse. and like most of my fellow americans, i am turning to matters of trivial importance as escapism. you can bet your sweet ass i am going to be counted on the first tuesday in november though. send that evil fuck cheney back to the cabalistic country club he came from.






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