i think i am now over the game of rainbow six, at least for this incarnation of it. i was enamored of the first one on the mac, like 5 years ago, when we had a bunch of LAN games up at elusive. just like i went through my phases with quake 2 and quake 3, and of course all the under-the-hood mods that i could get my hands on. here’s my problem with FPS: once it turns into a frag fest, i just get bored. i actually did pretty well tonight, once i got back into the controls. but then i started getting bored, and lost my concentration, and then started doing poorly.
games are only truly ecstatically fun when i am uncontrollably immersed in them. there is a parallel to music here: when it is best, time melts away, and there is no real consciousness of “doing” something. pure and complete existence in the moment. (combined with manual dexterity and a carpal hangover). rainbow six has become too routine. rockstar releases a western shooter this coming week, but i don’t see any online capabilities.

you know what’s another unbelievably rocking song? sway. and jagger played guitar on it. hmmmm. must’ve been when keith was so smacked out that he couldn’t play.

i feel somewhat sad, although i don’t know why. maybe i’m tired.






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