dark and stormy

this one’s really rough, and i was feeling the limitations of garage band when i tracked it. no way to adjust the click volume in the headphones, and no way to track piano and vox together, so the bleed into the mike is just part of the song now.
i read some study today that said that people are the least happy right around the age of 42, but that once they come to grips with the fact that they will never achieve the goals of wealth and prestige that they have been conditioned to believe they want, life starts getting better. and if they make it to sixty and are healthy, that’s when people are generally the happiest. that, and some other things i have been thinking about, coupled with a rainy day in berkeley with nothing to do but varnish and play the piano led to this little bit of maudlin: (for those of you that don’t know what a dark and stormy is, it’s dark rum and ginger beer. just because i quit doesn’t mean you should. i recommend barbancourt or coruba rum and reed’s ginger beer. drink enough, and even the work of a hack like myself will sound good. drink more than enough, and i bet this little bitch brings a tear to yer eye. cheers!)

“dark and stormy”

i was born and raised in tinseltown
know how much work goes into fantasy
they say i’ll be better once i stop believing
all of the things people are dreaming of

i’ll have another dark and stormy
i guess i never made it to tahiti
so this is what it’s like to be sixty
i feel just like the day i turned thirty

master of my own ship with a crew of none
spent my whole life waiting for the only one

even the sailboat’s an illusion
of travel adventure and freedom
never really made it out the golden gate
spent my whole life cruising sheltered by the bay

master of my own ship with a crew of none
spent my whole life waiting for the only one







3 responses to “dark and stormy”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    I like this one

  2. Edward Avatar

    Is your friend Mark Schaer a painter? I know someone with a big Mark Schaer painting who wants to know about him. How can I reach or would you forward this if it is the painter? Thanks.

  3. Rob Avatar

    I have one too. If you mean the Cali based painter
    His site is http://www.markschaer.com

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