new car

it’s about time. i have moved the craigslist “car & truck” rss feed into net news wire. the problem is, i keep looking at cars that are older than the 2 i already have here. saw a 72 vw van that would be a perfect shore support vehicle for the boate…..maybe call it the land tendere.
i think i might end up with a wagon…i was always mightily impressed when i would see marilyn manson (who lived a few doors down from the elusive compound in l.a.) cruising around in his volvo wagon. the antichrist in a yuppie mobile. but whatever it is, it’s gotta be able to haul the hiwatt 100, and whatever shit we need for the boate, without it being an open invitation to help every person in the bay area who is moving apartments. or a buick or some such other plain-jane outfit.






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