the list: yet another song

man i think i have drastically changed. i used to be so protective of work in progress, and now i just couldn’t give a shit. put on yer headphones and listen to this one LOUD.

so here’s the story with this one : the vocals are a seriously rough track. they’re a little “pitchy”, and sung at about 1/3 horsepower (i started getting a little capsule distortion on the akg 414, and realized that half the neighborhood could probably hear me, so i had to shut it down. have to track it for real at the gallery). also, i know the word “baby” is a cheesy rock cliché. that’s why i used it. AND, i am predicting some serious guitar pyrotechnical solo / dueling harmonic six-string ejaculation in this sucker’s future. maybe a DOUBLE double-neck crescendo.

“the list”

i’ve been a prisoner baby and i’ve been a guard
it’s all been experimental searching for brighter stars
see you on my horizon though i don’t know who you are
possibilities open up and you break into my heart

i’ve been a dreamer baby and i’ve fallen hard
been a cynic and never got a start
now i’m finally happy living here on my own
but it’s a little paradise that makes me piss and moan

not sure if you’ll make the list
of things i cannot be without

we live in a world of over stimulation
the grass is greener stains our every relation
i’d rather roll in bed with two girls half your age
share the sunset with you at the end of the day

dream the impossible dream in the suburbs
in our s.u.v.
it’s just you, you and me alone on the couch
with our t.v.

not sure if you’ll make the list
of things i cannot be without







4 responses to “the list: yet another song”

  1. bojsey Avatar

    I like.

  2. gimaha Avatar

    How about irreversible dream
    irredeemable dream
    intransigent dream

    impossible dream is just too a l weber .

  3. eric Avatar

    impossible dream is used here as a stupid clichÈ, delivered in a facetious tone of voice.

  4. gimaha Avatar


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