digital mom and tokyo phil

bret has set my mom up with a new emac and isight, as well as dsl, to replace the imac i bought her a few years ago. so if you notice the internet behaving a little slower in the coming weeks, it’s probably her choking bandwidth forwarding nostalgic bits like the one below, or catching up on her commenting to this blog, admonishing me to stop talking about “inappropriate” things and get married and have children.
irene’s fashion extravaganza at the gallery last night was insane. pretty much set the bar a bit higher for “highest proportion of beautiful people in one room”. missed my train to the east bay and crashed on steen’s couch, then had lunch with ming and steen at zuni. phil came by this afternoon for an unannounced visit to inform me that we should probably move to japan. he and melina just got back from a spontaneous visit to tokyo. (bought the tix the night before and cruised). they visited some of melina’s relatives there, and phil came away with an overall impression of a more developed, polite, and conscientious society then ours. new zealand this fall, japan next spring? hmmmm.
as a completely unrelated aside, i must say that i enjoy varnishing wood a lot more than i would have expected.






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  1. doctor mark Avatar
    doctor mark

    Chillin was hot, hot, hot. The bar was definately elevated to a higher power of beauty. I plan to never miss another irene extravaganza. Thank you Eric and Iming for the space you provide and generousity of spirit.

  2. x Avatar

    little eric, oh my heart hurts he’s so cute…

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