bleeding the clutch and filling the cracks

i wish i had the mr. t in yer pocket here today. i would have implored the truck to “don’t make me mad…..grrrrrrrrr!”. dead pedal on the clutch AGAIN. bled the hydraulic line, and it was working famously again, and off steen and i went to osh and then the marina. we filled the cracks around the replacement section of the ceiling with some bondo fiberglass resin. my eyes are still itching from sanding the stuff, luckily i was wearing an organic solvent grade breathing apparatus, otherwise i would be coughing up a tumor now as well. tomorrow i’ll paint it. i did some varnishing here at the apartment in the afternoon, it smells a bit like a painter’s studio with all the turpentine overtones lingering in the air. laid down some scratch vocals as well in the afternoon…all in all, a kick ass easter monday. is there such a thing as an easter tuesday? i may well find out tomorrow.






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  1. jee Avatar

    so i guess you’re still working on the boate, huh?

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