so ron did go check out the tokyo fish market, and we had a simple but tasty dinner of toro, hamachi, and giant clam. with a big nest of shredded daikon, wasabi and ginger of course. the clam was probably the best and freshest i have ever had, and ron showed me the trick to preparing it. you clean it first of course, then cut it into small finger sized sections. you then cut little fringes onto two ends of the piece, and then smack it with the flat edge of the knife. the muscle tissue reacts and contracts, drawing the thin fringe sections upwards. (my experience with mollusks that do not react and contract, followed by a 10 hour transatlantic flight of epically nauseating food sickness, will never be repeated in this lifetime).
then we headed to downtown berkeley for some ice cream and a movie.we checked out the everlasting sunshine of a spotless mind. well written. on our way to the car, ron suggested we hold hands. i pointed out that he is soon to be moving in with his girlfriend, and also that neither of us is gay. i guess it was just an involuntary reaction to the afterglow of a relationship-oriented date-type movie. i bet two chicks would have done it. but the world is just not ready for two straight men to walk down the street holding hands. come to think of it, i wasn’t all that psyched either, and i’m pretty sure ron was joking.






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