juan’s place

juan’s place just plain rocks. i took ron there tonight for birria (lambikins). i have been going there for at least 15 or 20 years, and my dad went there before me. the place is really close to the marina, and we head over there often after a good day of sailing. phil and i saw juan in there a month or so ago. he must be at least 80.
tomorrow we try to get the ceiling into the cabin of the boate. the truck is finally in good working order, ready to ferry lumber from the gallery to the marina. should be fun. i am getting sick of not sailing. interesting that this time last year, we had no boate, therefore no feeling of deprivation took hold of me when i was not sailing.
ron is passed out on the couch. before we left the gallery i poured him a “this is how i wound up in rehab” jack and coke. recipe: take one pint glass. fill with ice. fill with jack, leaving about the same amount of room as they leave at the top of a coffee if you ask for room for milk. garnish with coca-cola from the gun, and a couple long straws. serve only after having removed sharp objects and car keys from “newcomer’s” possession.






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