ended up blowing off the idea of going to sam wo. basically i did not want those guys to get within stumbling distance of the buddha bar, or it was going to become a very long night indeed. so i drove us over to my new favorite taquería, can cún on 6th and market. then we stopped in at anú for a drink. the whole qoöl crew goes over there after minna for carelli’s afterparty. ron was playing games with the crack addicts spare changing in front of the bar. he would put a dollar in one of his hands behind his back, then give it to them if they could guess which one it was in. the whole thing made me a little uneasy. the desire for more crack is one of the strongest known to mankind, as far as i can tell from talking to addicts about it. (whew, lucky me i never took up a crack habit!) so these folks were eying that now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t dollar bill pretty hungrily. it made me feel safer knowing that officer andré was inside the bar. i guess he likes the crowd a lot or something, because he’s always at minna, and now i know that he goes to the afterparty as well.
back at home. ron is busily dogfighting on the xbox. i just dove in there and threw a few immelmans in order to get him past a level that was vexing him. i’m feeling pretty tired, a bit of a long day, so i think i’ll jump in bed and read. ron and i are talking about opening a sushi place up here. that might be very cool. cooler yet is that he could absorb half the costs of opening it. but the coolest of all would be the chance to learn more about it than just being able to make a decent roll. and we’d get to eat a shitload of tasty fish. i think i should send him over to tokyo fish market on san pablo tomorrow to test the waters, so to speak.






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