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steen and i went over to visit bithiah on her first day of work as one of the owners of the public. i’ve been there a few times before, sisters margaret (who used to tend bar at minna), molly, and her boyfriend greg opened the place i think about a year ago now (?). the place looks great and the food is awesome. greg, the chef, used to be over at delfina (as did molly and bithiah) and they’ve got him cooped up in a little kitchen the size of a closet. (they are going to expand the kitchen soon). we sat at the bar facing this little galley, and it was pretty cool to see the two dudes working away in there, fast, efficient, and clean. i really have come to appreciate economy of space and the disciplined tidiness that necessarily goes with it. (this appreciation may or may not be reflected in the state of my apartment presently).
i had a beet/goat cheese terrine served over greens, with some watercress and walnuts involved there somewhere. some cold asparagus with mushrooms and parmesan. then a parchment paper-wrapped piece of sole, resting on a bed of chard, and a side of potatoes au gratin. the bread is really good as well, served with a plate of olive oil with citrus rind and freshly ground black pepper floaters.

ron choi called today to say he’s going to visit this coming week. he says “for about a year”. i’m gonna have to get a vacancy/no vacancy neon sign for the couch.






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