slow day

it has definitely been a slow day for me today. i took a nice long nap on the couch this afternoon, then headed over to monterey market to stock up on produce for the week. armed with numerous baskets of organic berries, cruciferous vegetables, and assorted other healthy foods, i walked across the street to espresso roma and ordered a triple latte and a thick slice of cheesecake. the barrista* talked me into a double, saying the triple was going to be too strong. not one to ignore the advice of a professional, i conceded that a triple probably would be a bit much at 5 in the afternoon. besides, she has a cute labret.
yep. not much getting done around here today.

*this is the first time i am using this word, and i feel a bit uncomfortable with it. the word is pure starbucks, and i question the origin of it. it reminds me of being ridiculed in a cafe in venice a couple years ago over my order of a doppio cappuccino. or being corrected every time i order a large coffee in starbucks. “a venti?” “no, a large”. they’re fucking with the language of my last drug of choice.






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