screwing and drilling

warning: for those uncomfortable with crude double entendre, i am about to discuss my new drill: it will likely get ugly, and it would be best for you to skip this paragraph. (in other words, i better not hear a peep out of you on this one, mom). somehow, i was expecting to be doing a lot more screwing and drilling around my apartment with the new cordless makita i bought. i was reminded of this just now, as the leather chair i am sitting in has a loose arm. i thought, excellent! here is my chance to do some tasteful screwing with my new driver/drill. nope. the bits i have are all TOO BIG. so i had to resort to the old standard: finger tightening. so a job that i thought could be over quite quickly turned out to take quite a while. and it really isn’t in there that tightly. and it wouldn’t bother me so much, save the expectations i had of screwing and drilling every little thing that got loose in here. maybe boring some holes in virgin drywall. ok this is stupid, i’m going to stop. the point is, i was all excited….for nothing.






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