played some everquest II again tonight. i am still waiting for another report on the FF 11 from alberto before i make any c-note costing moves over to the metreon. if in fact he has to hook up a usb keyboard to the playsatan in order to make the game work (and i am guessing this will be the case), then i think i might blow it off.
everquest was somewhat fun. i am getting more used to the interface, binding keys to different actions, learning what you have to do to progress in level, gain skills, etc. i also have the blue and white tower running as my online search machine. i spent a bit of time researching quest items and techniques. i can’t remember what game i played that is similar, but everquest does encourage repetitive skill-building. i think it was morrowwind that was like that. as in you ALWAYS jump up and down, no matter where you are headed, because doing so increases your skill at jumping. in everquest, i am obsessively pushing the keys for my compass, so that eventually i will get more skilled at knowing where the fuck i am. that part of the gameplay is fairly retarded. i got serious carpal from playing morrowwind, owing to the aforementioned jumping behavior, that was linked to the left trigger.

in toyota hilux news, there is a new slave cylinder in there, (replacement part version 2). my man ryan says it’s maintaining pressure, which is good, because we are going to need a sheet of marine plywood for the boate tomorrow, and i’m not about to carry it on my mountain bike. (i am somewhat skeptical as to whether there is such a thing as marine ply, or whether steen is recalling some bogus memory from the new zealand hardware store).
my new makita arrived at the gallery today. it came with these cyberpunk gloves that i would absolutely *never* wear on a construction site, for fear of having someone piss in my lunchpail or something. however, on the boate, i SHALL be wearing them. maybe often.






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