sexual identity on friendster/orkut

i wanted to copy a message i got from friendster on here, but somehow it has disappeared. my first, and so far only unsolicited message from someone i do not know, said that the guy saw my “limp-wristed” photo, and was about to wail me for it, when he read my profile and thought it was hilarious. he concluded by saying that the message was in no way intended to express “bi-curiousity” (i think he was married in sacramento). thanks to the vagaries of friendster, my opportunity to reply to him is now stolen. so ed, if you’re reading this, thanks for considering my profile hilarious. no curiousity taken. cheers.
tina took that photo, and assured me that i looked like a male model in it. uh oh. aren’t most male models gay? is my friendster profile sending mixed messages?
on a related note, someone in the orkut mac group sent a message saying that a friend had told him that macs were for “sissies”. an excerpt of his message, and my reply, follows:

subject: Re: advice
message: I’m praying someone makes like a purple/pink case because I’m proud of who I am, but for the straight men, do you feel queer using Macs?

reply: i, personally, do not feel at all queer using a mac.(or for that matter at any other time) but i believe your friend who told you all this might have some issues. if you really want something that looks femme, get one of the candy flavored ibooks, and hook a hello kitty usb vibrator up to it.



boy it’s a mixed up metrosexual world out there in social networking software land………






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