april showers and waiting

today as i was walking to the bart in the rain, i was feeling a little bit lower in mood than when the weather was all summery last week. but then i thought to myself, wait…these are just april showers, only a little early. and we all know what april showers bring…..my mood instantly elevated to the lofty peaks of last week. it caused me to reevaluate my mood’s dependence on weather. maybe it’s just the way one looks at things……

i am waiting for another night of reports from alberto concerning final fantasy 11 before heading to the metreon to pick it up. basically, from my initial investigations and alberto’s reports, it sounds fun, but mainly a pc game ported inappropriately to the playstation. type-chatting is an integral part of any rpg going right now (any mmo one that is), and sitting on the couch with a keyboard and mouse hooked up to the playstation doesn’t sound that fun to me.






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