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i am currently restructuring the phone communications at the gallery. the VoIP service i am using is very tasty, voice mail messages are instantly emailed to me as .wav files. now i have the g4 tower in the office set up to receive faxes over the VoIP line, and then instantly email the faxes to me as well. (all we need is a wireless WAN connection out on the bay, and the business could be run from the boate). what i am looking for is a way to have one of the macs act as an outgoing message machine. it doesn’t look like this is possible, because apparently the built in phone modems in these machines do not support anything other than data. (i think i ran into this issue years ago under system 8, but had a global village modem that supported voice communication). does anyone know anything different, or does this just suck? by the way, we are having some rocking parties this week.

here’s a question: does the modem port on the airport support voice com? that would be purely tasteful, but i bet it doesn’t.






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