for some reason i have alanis morrisette’s first 2 albums. having them in itunes, i listen to them a lot more than i would otherwise be inclined to. these are incredibly well-crafted pop songs. i only wish she would get over her highly affected aping of ani defranco, because her voice is really good, and i hate singers who are trying to be actors while they are singing. over emoting is not cool in any art form. except maybe when bono does it, and that’s only after years of getting used to it. and most of the time it’s not cool.






3 responses to “alanis”

  1. bret Avatar

    she is a manufactured screaming troll. that drummer was pretty good tho ….

  2. craig Avatar

    the one thing u can say about alanis is that she is NOT manufactured…no one can manufacture a woman like alanis

  3. multi-talented Avatar

    I’m sorry, but don’t be jealous because some people are multi-talented and can sing anact.

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