a lot of learning

everquest is a seriously involved game, it looks like. tonight i started off by playing as a magician that i created, then switched after an hour back to my ranger. i joined some other players that were campaigning in the orc stronghold. so here’s the addictive part: as a character, your party becomes dependent on your presence. it’s a brilliant construction. the communication skills required and cooperative nature of the game are really very interesting and cool. and of course its own set of acronyms and jargon, it is quite an intricately designed and developing world. one chief initial complaint is that it looks to me like all the mac players are segregated onto their own servers. its a complaint because it is what sours me to most online games on the mac. i don’t get why, when they port one of these things to a different platform, they can’t make them interoperable. dunno, prolly has something to do with microsoft’s licensing department or something.
so, i am highly interested in learning more about this game, but i sure don’t want to get sucked into an alternative fantasy social universe. but i am definitely experiencing a whole different community of gamers on there. people who play this game on the surface are more intelligent and more cooperative and less competitive. hardly any trash talking that i’ve seen so far. and people go out of their way to be helpful to newbies. must sleep. sailing again tomorrow.






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