where are my leather pants?

this is from a few years back, when i was living in l.a. in the hollywood hills, had blonde hair halfway down my back, and we had a regular gig down on the sunset strip at the roxbury. (courtesy of george lyons) bret is currently archiving a bunch of this material (this is some rehearsal tape that’s a bit fucked up speed-wise). apparently he just bought a 200 gig HD to complete the project. right around the time of this recording we played a private showcase for gary gersh, (i think he was the president of capitol at that point), the guy who signed the counting crowes, (isnt that how they spell it???) who currently have a hit with a joni mitchell cover. coincidence?

the line-up: the wilsonious institute on lead guit and vocals, bret haller on bass, me on guit and lead vox, and i think that’s anthony johnson on drums.







3 responses to “where are my leather pants?”

  1. George Lyons Avatar

    Yep! Those were the days when I was having Current User play as the “house band” at The Roxbury. The gig was basically once a week in the opening slot. The band loved it because everyone got in for free, and I gave the band free beers. What a deal!

  2. bret Avatar

    You still owe us 5 bucks, slum-promoter


  3. katz Avatar

    katz says you all suck –

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