summer mania

and i am not kidding. the warm temperature today got me feeling quite manic, euphoric even. i think maybe i should move somewhere a little warmer, like the equator or something, if this is the way warm weather makes me feel. alladin sane is a rocking album. leftover pasta primavera is delicious. being alone in my own place is purely tasteful. see what i mean? everything in my brain chemistry today is spurting pure pleasure.

hmmmmm. but there is no overwhelming fragrance of jasmine in the air. ok, so things aren’t perfect after all.

just surfed this between playing the guitar and the xbox. ok off to gaming. you figure out the inequalities while i have some fun. boy that site is pretty tasty. but it’s still not taking the edge off my premature summer buzz.

here’s how i stack up to the chairman of exxon/mobil:

You would have to work 717 years to equal L. R. Raymond’s 2002 compensation.

You’d better get working, because you can’t take a vacation until 2719 A.D.






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  1. bret Avatar

    pay up

    In 2002, Charles Cotros raked in $5,615,732 in total compensation including stock option grants from Sysco Corp..

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