stumble into spring

well. primavera actually. today was the first day of spring as far as i am concerned. the weather was in the 70’s here, and life couldn’t be more beautiful. (sure it could, but let’s just say i’m not complaining). went to monterey market, and it was looking like there was going to be some form of tofu and vegetable stir-fry tonight. but for some reason when i was picking up some tasty looking orange and yellow peppers, i got to thinking about pasta primavera. so i collected some yellow squash, broccoli crowns, asparagus, a bunch of carrots, garlic, fresh basil, and some snap peas (the peas were supposed to go in the stirfry, and did not make it into the pasta).
so here’s where the inspiration came in. i’m waiting in line and they have these rolled anchovy filets in a nice glass jar positioned as a sort of impulse buy. (dude, it’s berkeley, o.k.?) usually, i would throw those in a pan with a lot of garlic and olive oil and crushed red pepper, then toss in some slightly undercooked pasta and top it with a lot of cheese. so i decide that’s the way i’m going to prepare the primavera, and then add the vegetables and toss the whole thing together.
i got back to the apartment and discovered i had no pasta, so it was off to trader joe’s. i love pennete, and i picked up some pecorino romano, and some chocolate for dessert.
it was the best pasta i have made in at least five years. i finished eating and promptly stretched out on the couch for an undisturbed food-coma, blissed-out dreamstate nap. now i’m listening to some rough mixes, drinking carrot juice, and pondering my next move. i think i’m going to forego the gaming for some guitar playing. then wake up in the morning and head down to the boate.

i think i still like this sketch that i was working on. the problem is that all my music has gotten spread out over formats, programs, and machines. that one is reason, cubase, and halion all combined, straining the blue and white to its limit. now i’m all garage band.

this is the first idea to come out of garage band. nothing more than playing around with the program there, but i like the different drum textures. there is a bit of latency on the auto wah guitar track and the bass that sounds a bit off to me.

i love the feeling of spring.






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