chav is back

i fell asleep on the couch last night after playing ninja gaiden for a few hours. (chav bought it yesterday. so far, it seems like a bad knockoff of prince of persia, without any story, far more raw frenetic energy, and i can really feel the tendons in my hands this morning from all the carpal-causing combo moves). so around 7 a.m., chav rolls in and promptly begins snoozing. i retreated to my bedroom. he is still snoozing, although not snoring too loudly. if it starts bugging me, he’s going to get a pretty loud blast of the ramones. although that would probably make him purely psyched. apparently this is the curse of living alone and having a comfortable couch. i got an email from ming in thailand last night, asking if chav was off “his” couch. he swears his snoring is under control. i’ll be the judge of that.
man am i tired. this week was a little rough, and i think i have a mild cold. last night around 10 i was getting ready to leave, when a drunk chick came into the office wanting to see the dog in question referred to on the “beware of dog” sign. turns out she is a friend of roozers, and although fairly drunk at the beginning of the conversation, graciously accepted a bottle of water. normally i would have gotten out of there pretty quickly, but she kind of locked me with her beautiful face and seductive russian accent. i’m glad that sometimes i’m that shallow, because she turned out to be quite interesting, studying 3D animation at the academy of art (working in MAYA). she grew up in moscow, was in 5th grade when the soviet union crunbled, and it’s quite interesting to me that she feels the current state of “watchfulness” in this country is much more oppressive than growing up under the surveillance of the KGB. and we talked about the soviet biological warfare program i am reading about, and chernobyl. i dunno, most drunk chicks i meet want to discuss what car they are eventually going to buy, rather than the production of ibsen’s “a doll house” they want to stage. it was refreshing.
so in any case i stayed until the last train, got home and “had” to fit in some relaxing game time. when i got sick of the ninja game, i tried getting into deus ex again. for some reason the sequel isn’t grabbing me the way the original did. dunno, maybe it was the lack of anything better to do and sack of weed that were hanging around when i played the first one on the mac. ’cause the first one really got me thinking, man.
time to head over to monterey market and stock up on fresh produce for the week.






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    Chavasnoreass part 2.

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