late night

still returning emails at this hour. doing steen’s job and mine isn’t all that cool. and tonight, a “t.v. crew” filming a “pilot” for a fillipino television network came in. they had steen’s prior approval, and were sure that there was no problem with them coming down and spending the whole night filming. i immediately got a feeling of overall fishiness surrounding the arrangement, but after firing a few emails around to ask if anyone had prior knowledge of it, it turned out spesh had heard some kind of brief mention about it. oh man, i should look and see if anyone has posted pictures of these guys yet. crap. usually this guy has photos up of qoöl by this point in the evening. suffice it to say this guy was basically the phillipines’ answer to michael jackson during the “beat it” phase. and sort of “taking command” of the gallery as a guerilla cinema auteur is wont to do. and it sure did not look like he was, in fact doing a pilot for a reality-based show like he had sort of led me to believe. it looked more like he was stealing footage of himself in minna dancing around like an idiot, and interviewing people. he was in general bugging me, and pissing off jackie from löoq records as well, and about five times i walked up to the guy and just shook my head and told him if he continued to be so obtrusive in the club he was going to be shooting the thing in the alley. finally the situation resolved itself very tastefully. frank chu, the 12 galaxies guy, has been spending a lot of time around the gallery lately, i think he’s a friend of dave lieberman. his basic mission is to get his sign in front of any camera he sees, and tonight was no exception. frank fully started following this guy and his two camera operators around the club, positioning himself in every shot.
ok phil just called me, and bill gates is on charlie rose.
ok, alberto just called me and he just registered for xbox live. crap it’s 2:30 and i should be snoozing.

gaming it is then.






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