meaningless pleasantries

spent the whole day returning email and phone messages from the weekend, and then moving around the year’s transactions for minna in quickbooks. i am pretty excited, because i just noticed on my ical that the VoIP phone is coming to the gallery today. i am so fucking happy to be checking out a new technology at the same time i am removing ourselves from the clutches of the phone/long-distance companies. here’s a good conversation from friday…..
so the impetus for changing things around with the phones was the fact that somehow mci got their wires crossed and shut off the service. it wasn’t a payment issue, because i was looking right there at the bank screen telling me that the payment had been received several days before they shut it down. just one day last week we pick up the phone and it won’t dial long distance. rather than call them up and get the service turned back on however, having been WAY dissatisfied with the price of the service, i decided to do some research into VoIP, as i had been meaning to do.
so in any case, long story short, i get us hooked up with vonage. so far, the fact that phone messages get emailed to me as they come in is worth the service charge alone. so then on friday, mci calls me. there is an outstanding balance of 30 or 40 bucks on the account, and they would like to know what i am going to do about it. i pay it while i have the woman on the line, and then i say to her,

“now, by paying this bill, i do not want the service turned back on, i want it to remain cancelled, and you understand that, right?”

“yes sir, the account will be closed.”

“o.k., because i have hooked up another company to handle things over here”

“yes sir, (yadda yadda yadda…..) you have a good day sir, and thank you for choosing mci!”

i appreciate the programmed pleasantry, ma’am, but it seems rather inappropriate considering the main gist of the conversation was that i was in fact NOT choosing mci. i guess i was choosing mci to cancel my mci service……






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