sunday sunday sunday

spent a bit of time today checking out orkut. it was a thoroughly overcast day here in berkeley, so that quashed my plans of going out for a sail. although, actually if i had the truck i might have driven down to the marina. but the new clutch master cylinder that they installed on it last week turned out to be defective, so no truck. and the vw golf’s battery is still dead, after 2 years of sitting in the garage. maybe when the weather warms up, i should spend one of these sundays evaluating my car situation.
the string of non-sequiters up there in that paragraph is an approximate reflection of my day. i just sort of bounced around the apartment, drinking coffee, eating berries and granola, and reading, gaming, and sitting at the puter. laurent and i had talked a week or so ago, when he was in town, about redoing the look of the minna website, and now that he’s back in paris, he emailed me a jpeg of what he’s thinking. it’s going to look pretty cool. the old look was pretty cool, but as i have tinkered with the thing and basically redone most all of the pages, the architecture of the site needs to change. more simple.

maybe i’ll post some more later, right now i’m going to go tube it for sixty minutes.






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  1. b Avatar

    > vw golf’s battery is still dead, after 2 years of sitting in the garage.

    you should jumpstart the golf off of the Interceptor – its been sitting in the garage for about 6 years. by the way, if you’re still psyched to buy it, i think i might be ready to let it go. but don’t insult me by making a weak offer…

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