maybe it seems like i use this site a lot more often to complain about things that are pissing me off or bugging me. it sort of seems that way to me. this post is no exception.
my buddy chav is staying here for a little while. he’s an old friend from the dorms at berkeley. i had the door to my bedroom closed this morning, and his snoring is still louder than a big block chevy flooring it away from the stoplight down on sacramento street. at seven i finally gave up on all hopes of sleeping and headed out to the living room. i am officially sour.






4 responses to “snoring”

  1. bret Avatar


  2. chav Avatar

    Feeling tough this morning are we? Why don’t you post your home address, bitch. I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to reaquaint my fist with your big mouth. You fucking pussy loser motherfucker…

  3. bret Avatar

    Freddy thinks he is all hard. Take all that manly stuff over to the castro sailor.

  4. ND Avatar

    Hey Eric,
    Sorry about the snoring. Just wanted to check if your dad was Michael Haller. If so, email me OK?

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