apparently, if i am to believe what the voice on hold at costco says, they know the value of my time. that’s why they are wasting so much of it today. then i called back and they didn’t answer. ok i am going to stop here, otherwise this will be another grumpy complaining post about spending the afternoon waiting for towtrucks. and already, if you put the words berkeley and tow into google, the first listing is my site. (i was looking for the company’s phone number). i am done waiting. which means that i finally cancelled the tow, after realizing costco tires would be closed by the time i got the truck up there. so i guess, realistically speaking, i delayed the wait. until friday it looks like. grumble.






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  1. Leslie (Ehrmann) Goldenberg Avatar
    Leslie (Ehrmann) Goldenberg

    Hey Eric –
    I was playing with Google, punching in names of people I’ve fallen out of touch with….and it produced a hit for your site. If I read between the lines here, it looks like you are running a gallery in SF, having a lot of fun sailing, and writing a blog. My life didn’t turn out the way anyone expected, either, except mine’s a cliche. I’m working for IBM, living in the valley, and I have two kids and a minivan. Happy new year.

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