some “resuggestions”

i don’t make resolutions. last year i adopted my dad’s old one, which was to not eat watermelon before the fourth of july. this year i am making more like suggestions to myself, some things to move towards. starting with the t.v. coming out of my bedroom and into the living room. i’ve been using the tube as my alarm clock for years, but lately with the icy cold weather we’ve been having, my tendency in the morning has been to stay under the covers watching the news. and late at night, i have the news on in the background while i am reading. then it generally keeps me awake as i watch the overnight wrapup of the latest artillery firing, tank rumbling video bites approved for my consumption.
so now the boober is out in the living room. i think it better defines the two spaces anyhow, making one room for sleeping and the other for entertaining. mainly i use the t.v. for gaming these days anyways. i have to say though that the thing looks pretty hideous out here. but i guess the same can be said for the way it looked in my bedroom, and that’s how i started the day every day. staring at the glass nipple, watching some short clips about events subtly arranged to condition my interpretations of them. (or finding myself putting down the book i was reading to catch the 4:30 a.m. edition of “cheaters” as i found myself doing this sunday morning, the final straw).
well that’s the first action in a year that will hopefully find me getting even more productive and organized. i know there will always be room for improvement in my life. that’s about enough of the self-motivational post. there was something else that i wanted to write about, but i…….
oh wait i remember. there is a public drinking fountain up the hill from here, on colusa, if you go up hopkins and take a left on that street where the coffehouse is and whose name i cannot remember. many times have i stopped there for a drink, as i have some kind of mystical impression of the quality and coldness of the water that spurts out of the spout. somewhere in my mind there exists a fantasy of that water fountain being attached to a pipe with a straight shot up to the berkeley reservoir.
in any case, right before i sat down to write this, i walked over to the tap here and let the water run a minute to get the pipes in the building really cold. i have discovered that all along, the magic source of refreshment was right here in my kitchen, because when the weather is this cold, the tap water is about as clear, cold and crisp as i have seen. this probably seems to the reader to be pure drivel and you’re wondering why i would ramble on and on and subject you to this endless bullshit that is causing you to become tired and swear you’re going to give this blog a little “vacation”. quite frankly, there isn’t any payoff here. other than the obvious themes that could be read into what i’ve just written. o.k., time to put the clothes in the dryer……






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  1. dburger Avatar

    uh, Sonny, you are starting to sound like the guy in 5 year old Stone Renard’s question to his 32 year old dad, “Hey, Dad, howcum you’re so old and annoying?”
    during code bubba days you’re sposed to honk if you see a terrorist….i don’t brake for bush…or: what’s bush got to do with it?…actually I think the manned space mission to Mars is a good one and they should step up the program to send bush by spring of 2004…..bush in space…..wind chill is around zero around these parts at night time to trow anuder stick on de fiyah….bye

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