what rhymes with toy?

deploy…..looks like that’s what we have under the tree for this christmas, as the terror scale has been raised to orange, and nationwide, local police are deploying special anti terrorist squads. what does the terror scale achieve anyhow? looked at one way, it is admission of the success of terrorism by placing the society under a constant official state of “readiness” i.e. mild terror. hmmm i am getting tired of thinking of this, i am just trying to relax here on a sunday, so i am going to meditate on some other topic. because there is not one bit of fucking good that can come of my knowledge of a state of “orange”. it isn’t even an appealing color to me.






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    when I got a parking ticket from a cop, he said that they are in “zero tolerance mode”, and I believe he thought he was fighting terrorism, it being Code Orange and all.

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