deliberate confusion

this is a pretty nice, round figure that speaks for itself:

In October, the US Congress approved £400 million for the weapons hunt to continue.

how is it that people not only continue to believe but support the ideas that the administration foists on them? why can’t the administration just admit that they were completely wrong about the weapons of mass destruction, rather than attempting (altogether successfully), to mislead us by telling us we are much safer as a result of the apprehension of saddam hussein? not only were there no weapons of mass destruction for the iraqis to provide terrorists with, there was zero iraqi involvement in 9/11, and there were no links between iraq and al qaeda, prior to our invasion and installment in the middle eastern region as an occupying colonial force. but there are now.
does bush somehow feel guilty about the kurds getting massacred after they, (at the encouragement of his father and promises of US support), rebelled against saddam? and does he feel he can somehow set that right by executing the man?
halliburton is robbing us blind, we’ve kicked over the mother of all hornet’s nests, and all the news now is showing a decrepit old dictator getting his tonsils examined. i’m feeling a bit tired and confused trying to make sense of the state of affairs, and i think it is not coincidental. i sure don’t give a fuck about saddam, in the sense of feeling any safer or that any greater moral good is being served by his being interrogated by the CIA. i guess they probably have stopped asking if they can be of any service to him………






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