the flu

i came down with the flu on thanksgiving, and i am still recovering from it. i spent thursday through sunday in bed, sleeping and not eating. it was the most ill i have been in years. even today, i feel like i could go jump back in bed and have a tasty little nap. well, actually right now i am feeling fairly alert after a cup of coffee, but my brain still feels a bit foggy, like maybe it was one of the internal organs getting cooked by my fever. the bottom line is that normally i don’t get all that sick, but this one kicked my ass.
i wasn’t making much headway with the books i was reading, as the flu and the cough syrup were conspiring against comprehension, so i picked up mutiny on the bounty. the description of life in tahiti has got me feeling a little gauguinish, even with the gloomy overcast berkeley weather. it also has me wanting to get out to the bay for some sailing this weekend. looking out the window right now, this is not looking promising.






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