talking rummy

i was just reading an article about how they will be keeping bush as far away as possible from any actual living breathing brits when he visits there this week, on the forbes magazine site, and there was this link to the talking rummy doll. phil and i were talking about the bush administration yesterday during lunch, and we decided that by far the most sinister part of it is that shadow government that dick cheney is running. they keep him away from normal people at all times, and he only speaks at ultra-conservative think tanks where the questions asked of him are not likely to be upsetting. bush himself is describing the measures being taken for his british visit as “walking around in a bubble”. wait a minute…..publicly elected leaders who are shielded as much as possible from the public. oh yeah, they weren’t elected.
my favorite bit of graffiti i’ve seen lately is on the dumpster at minna: “shave bush”…..






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