stock market crash

my ical “significant dates” that i downloaded from is telling me that today (well yesterday now), is the anniversary of the 1929 stock crash. ical is a pretty rocking little app, i am in the process of switching everyone over to apple products at the gallery. appleworks/filemaker/ical. my goal is to get a lot tighter on the information integration, and i didn’t feel like i wanted to deal with the headaches of publishing/subscribing/running a file server with the microshaft suite of products. besides, the more i goofed around with entourage, the more i wanted to be left alone… make a bad pun.
i picked up 3 new books yesterday, joseph stiglitz’ latest, the roaring nineties, the chinese (a book interestingly enough about the state of the chinese state right now), and barron’s book on finance. there was a huge fire at one of the car repair shops on san pablo that i passed on my way back from barnes and noble last night. i’m doing laundry now and listening to a live house music broadcast that i thought was supposed to be jondi and spesh, but i don’t think it is, i think i missed their broadcast. i just heard some vocal house. wait, it’s back. yikes, i think it has to go away. ahhhh that’s better. now i’m listening to my rough mixes.
i have to head over to the gallery after hours or on the weekend and start tracking some vocals on these mixes. ok time to go get the laundry.






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