latenight panther

just installed it, it’s really late (3am)….the system seems a lot snappier. somehow the upgrade also changed the appearance of camino, it must be some resource that it shares with safari, but the tabs are all aqualiscious now. expose seems cool, have to reserve judgement on that until i’ve fucked with it a while. luckily it’s too late to run any apps. i wonder how the audio stuff is going to hold up. i like the new process viewer in the utilities folder. (it’s called activity viewer, and i think it’s new). the upgrade left everything pretty much untouched otherwise. seems pretty cool. don’t know if i like the brushed metal look that the finder has gotten. never was sure that i liked the look in safari and itunes, kinda like the cleaner look of aqua, and the brushed metal never looks right in that environment. ok, imma sleep now and post some more as i use the system.

hey! is that new???? in the keyboard and mouse section of the preferences you can edit and select the different keyboard shortcuts you want to use in the finder. that’s pretty rad. when i was using cubase a lot, i fully hooked up the custom key shortcuts, and it really rocked. that’s cool.






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