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wow look at this. i once again haven’t been over here on the main page in a while, having spent the weekend with the boate… let’s see, the latest here is that i have not made it over to monterey market in something like two weeks, and i need to go to trader joe’s and the vacuum repair place tomorrow. it’s not so tasteful when the errands and tasks associated with your recreation start usurping the time you spend on basic things like making sure there is some fresh healthy food in the apartment. just another instance of my tendency to obsessively focus on whatever task is at hand, at the expense of balance. sorting out the boate motor has been my prime motivator during my time away from work.
this sobig computer virus is wreaking havoc on my email accounts. i don’t know if it’s from email harvesting or what. actually, i have been seeing a lot of email addresses that i recognize in the spam that the virus has been generating. it looks like somebody in the club promoter world has an infected computer that hit a couple more in the last few days, because the mail is now coming at a fast and furious pace. don’t bother sending me any email with the word wicked in the subject, or even approved, because that shit is going straight in the trash. before i see it. that’s the only filter that seems to have been even slightly effective.
i am dividing my time between a berkeley textbook on financial accounting and “globalization and its discontents”. i have all but given up on music. i like doing it, but the writing and performing of music is a young person’s occupation. a drunk young person’s obsession. i can see myself putting together another album of music in the future, but quite frankly i do not have the time right now to finish a record that i would feel satisfied with. i realized this over the last few months. my dad used to always relate some story to me about a successful screenwriter he knew who started out by working a regular day job, pulling his screenplay out of the top drawer of his desk occasionally to add something. i think his overall point was to get a day job, and not get discouraged by the fact that you are working to support some future dream. i also suspect that the story may have been some bastardization of william carlos williams’ life. i spoke with liz of lessick’s kid the other day, and was reminded of how it feels to have been working at the “business” aspect of music for an extended period of time. that’s the way i was three or four years ago, and i’m not going back. not now at least, and probably not ever. if i can figure out a way to record, play and perform and still feel that it’s fresh and fun, then i’ll do it. as soon as i hear things like “image problem” or “stylist”, or even “direction”, i feel like maybe i was born to do something else. like write prose or something that is not inextricably linked with appearance.
i also find it nearly impossible to write songs when i am feeling remotely happy or balanced. maybe all this sailing will turn me into a jimmy buffett.






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  1. kathleen buckley Avatar
    kathleen buckley

    hi Eric,

    What incredible luck …finding your website. I knew your mother two or three lifetimes ago when we shared a college dorm room in the Bay area. We lost contact about l975.

    Would you give her my e-mail address? I’d love to hear from her.

    Thanks. (Also, very cool site)

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