thought helmet

this reminded me of the time i caused my mother to become hysterically alarmed by wearing a copper mixing bowl over my head. i told her that the bowl was going to reflect the electrical activity of my brain back into itself, thereby eventually causing some massive disruption of sanity. heheheh….she BELIEVED it!!! (i even started acting a little more “weird” than usual to complete the gag, which only raised mom’s level of alarm).

(heh. sorry mom, just remembered that. i’m sure you see the “comment” button down there!)






2 responses to “thought helmet”

  1.  Avatar

    so that’s what happened…

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Netscape does not service your comments department, but internet explorer does…..Now that I know this, watch out!
    I just want you to know that I have been sleeping with a copper bowl over my head for years now, and it really seems to help. Thanks!

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