uncharted territory

phil and i headed over to the city tonight to check out michelle garcia’s party. steen was talking up models in bikinis being painted by artists, and that sounded pretty cool. apparently it sounded cool to daniel dent too, because we saw him over there also. whatever, chicks getting body painted in general just sounds like something that guys would be interested in. yours truly being no exception.
imagine then my chagrin when i had to ask one of the exuberant models to “put her top back on right now”. here i have cruised over with the intention of ogling, (whether i admit it or not….oops, just did), and one of the girls takes off her top, exposing what everyone there was excited to see. boobs.
it made me rather unpopular with a lot of people. “dude, she’s just trying to have fun”. i think it was the first time i have ever asked a woman to please put her top back on. actually, i think i did also once when i was high on psilocybin, being straddled by a stripper with whipped cream all over her breasts, which i was licking off. hallucinogens and strippers just don’t mix for me, i guess. even when i am not high on mushrooms now, which is all of the time, strippers and their performances trigger some deep sense of absurdity in my mind. why guys pay money to INCREASE the blueness of their balls is beyond me. go to a hooker for fuck’s sake. (heh, just kidding mom).
but in any case, getting back to the point before getting to bed, that was some new ground tonight for me. i must be getting old when my superego triumphs over the id……..






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