i am a visionary philosopher

i just took some dumb i.q. test and told them my name was arthur fonzerelli.
this is all it would tell me without a credit card number.

i am a visionary philosopher, and don’t forget it, motherfuckers. apparently years of partying has taken the edge off pretty tastefully, unless their scale doesn’t match the ones i took when i was a kid.

Congratulations, Arthur!
Your IQ score is 136

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode’s Ultimate IQ test. Your IQ score is scientifically accurate; to read more about the science behind our IQ test, click here.

During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on each of those questions which reveals how your brain uniquely works.

We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test. According to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is a Visionary Philosopher.

This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that’s just some of what we know about you from your IQ results.

hmmmm ok i was thinking about this in the shower: if they had said i was a close-minded impulse follower they really wouldn’t have had a chance for my $16 to see more. as it is they didn’t get the money anyhow. i am a tightwad visionary philosopher. i also figured out how they got the philosopher part. there was a question in there that was basically to complete a sentence from the republic, where it said something like wisdom is knowing the right thing to do, _______ is doing it. of course this is my old favorite, virtue versus akrasia. i think i’m going to take that test later and attempt to get every question wrong, and see how the free results turn out.

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  1. i got the visionary philosopher bit too, but i only got a 135. i always knew you were smarter than me…

  2. I gave them My email adress thats a minus 4 on my IQ test. Final Total 131 (I got 135 too) And I’m a Visionary Philosopher. I punched that into Google and hoped for a definition of a person who uses the BS they pull out of their minds to put bread on the table instead I found this. +4 (what a come back). Ah yes according to MY scientists “We will all die knowing we know nothing at all; virtuously nostalgic” ?

  3. HeyZeus, this place is full of passive-aggressive arrogance. I scored a 133, and i thought i was smart. ALso if 95% of the population scores less than 130, does this mean we should only pay attention to the other 5%.

    I tested postive for HIV, no for INTJ, curious if other Visionary Philosophers mirror this result.

  4. I guess I’m the smartest of the bunch. I scored a solid 142. I don’t know how valid this test is, but the score is the same as I received when I was in the 4th grade—and right in line with other dopey tests I have taken on the net and in books and magazines.
    Vinman rules!!!

  5. Which doesn’t belong in the group? Coconut, grape, apple, banana, pear……while the grape grows on a vine (the correct answer), coconuts kill more people each year than lightning. Watch out for falling grapes! What a bunch of bananas…

  6. i took the test and scored a 133, it was the first time i was aware of being a visionary philosopher. it’s probably what they tell everyone who takes the test… they’re obviously not going to call someone a dumbass based on their findings…

  7. i got a 131, i guess that makes me the dumbass of you all. i had the thought that that’s what i got when i was little too. i wonder if the visionary philosophers are the ones who punch this into google to find out if it means anything. i didn’t think coconut was the answer, it’s hard and all.
    these postings are the funniest thing i have read/done in like two years, it reminds me of having new sex where you giggle uncontrollably. but it was no surprise to me that i’m a v.p.
    i also wondered if they were just leading me on…
    lastly, i wonder if maybe i’m the poor clone of the rest of you.

  8. you are so retarded! why can’t you let the internet be clean for the rest of us to enjoy? God will deal with you in his own way. till then quit running your mouth so much and try to find something constructive to do with your time besides talk trash! may God bless you and I will PRAY FOR YOU, I think I will also ask my church to HEAL YOU WITH PRAYER. GOD BLESS YOU!

  9. This sounds a little silly throwing out numbers ranking each other in intelligence. It kind of reminds me of some fancy cocktail party where everyone throws out quantities of expenditures like how much money there house is worth, or how they just bought the new 2004 BMW SUV and are going to buy a yacht and sail it to there summer house. You know, that I have more money than you thing. IQ scores are not really acurate and that should be kept in mind. What is this test that everyone took? Was it on the internet? Visionary Philosepher?

  10. hmmmmm i’ve forgotten the link, but yeah its on the internet and yes its pretty stupid. happy new year.

  11. oh well i guess i am just another looser who thought that this visionary philosoper crap was something worh while lol. Any way i guess i was looking for something to tell I was smart! oh well i’ll keep searching LOL!! I scored 136 and got the same thing! alos despite telling me that i was quite intelligent in math . It told me that 80% of the population scored highe than me in math. come i might suck at math but this is just and insult of my inteligence! you are highly smart but you are in the 2oth percentile??? I have no idea how they figure that one!! LOL

  12. How can you get a 136 AND not know how to spell ‘loser’?

    I think you get a 136 if you manage to spell your name correctly..

  13. I just took the test and guess what? I’m a visionary philosopher who got a score of 136. God damn it. Bastards – I feel so used. Someone get me a prozac.

  14. We have all been sucked in by this little money making scheme and now we are discussing it like a bunch of recovering alcoholics.

  15. I thinks this test is not 100% true in it’s calculations and results. There is not that much to be gained from answering 20 questions with no time limit.

    A true IQ test is timed, and has multiple sections. Your IQ is calculated by a formula of correct answers over time taken.

    It’s a bit of fun (but so are the ‘happy tree friends’ 😉 so I won’t rant too much…

    Also, to the god freak (8 posts above) I would like to remind them to love thy neighbor and not have such a closed mind to other people opinions.

  16. Hi. My name is Dave and I am a visionary philosopher. (142)

    Seems to me that only those who got visionary philosopher from that emode tickle.com site would search and then find this site. Someone should go back and screw up and see what else turns up (e.g., 89 “blind cog”), then search for whatever else they get called to see who else has a parallel website to this one.

  17. Hey just to let everyone know, I too received a 136 on this test. I think when I took a similar test in HS I received a 134. But anyway I went back and took the test by answering every question with the first answer and this is what I got:

    Your IQ score is 82

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.

  18. I was curious to see what else I could find and I googled some other blogs on this IQ test. Some other info that I have found on based on another site: http://www.diamondtalk.com/forums/archive/18/2003/12/2/44378/Whats/Your/IQ/and/What/Does/it/mean

    That said, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test is the most common, and test scores usually range from 90 to 110. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the standard psychiatric reference, lists scores of 110 to 120 as “bright normal,” 120 to 130 as “superior,” and 130 and above as “very superior.” One could reasonably equate “bright normal” with “smart,” and “very superior” with “genius.”

    Don’t know if this will help.
    Found a chart with these ‘bracketed’ groups and the estimated global percentages therein:

    55-70: Mentally inadequate (2.3%)
    70-85: Low intelligence (13.6%)
    85-100: Average (34.1%)
    100-115: Above average (34.1%)
    115-130: High intelligence (13.6%)
    130-145: Superior intelligence (2.1%)
    Over 145: Exceptionally gifted (0.13%)

  19. hello…

    This is the second time, I took the same test about 4 months ago, I was only an Insightful Linguist back then and I still looked for free results on google. My new(cheated) score is 133 and the best thing about it is that I ended up at this site and discovered that Visionary Philosophers have a god sense of manure.

  20. well im just another person here that took the same IQ test and i got a 130 if anyone was wondering and yesh i was also a visionary philosopher which ended me up on this page… Oh and for anyone that might want to know this your IQ never changes no matter how old you are or how much longer you have been in school…hmm how come everybody that has posted a comment is smarter then the average?

  21. well im just another person here that took the same IQ test and i got a 130 if anyone was wondering and yesh i was also a visionary philosopher which ended me up on this page… Oh and for anyone that might want to know this your IQ never changes no matter how old you are or how much longer you have been in school…hmm how come everybody that has posted a comment is smarter then the average?

  22. Again some stupid guy who did a stupid test – At least for three mins in my live I had reason to consider myself a genius.

    Well I read once that non-native speakers should score poorer on IQ tests – So I am OK with my 136. Well, next I try some in French and German, just to find out 😉

    “Why does everyone here score so high”?
    I did the test again, random, and scored 86 – and got a different type “word warrior”.
    Guess people who come here are all v.p.s – and therefore scored rather high.

    By the way, did you know that modern peolpe do usually score higher on “classical” (if “old” is what they really mean) IQ tests because education improved throughout the 20th century? Only for representative, contemporary tests what audrey sais is true.

    Hope this does not spoil your day 😉

  23. How come i scored a 135 and they didn’t call me a philosopher?

    It’s kind of bullshit anyway, i mean those vocabular questions don’t measure iq, they just ask if you know a word or not. what kind of crap is that. what if i was a genius that doesn’t reat books, what then?\
    btw what was the answer to that one with the 3×3 grid with 7 symbols shown ..just out of curiosity- if someone would be so kind as to email me that i would appreciate it..

  24. Hi, I took the IQ test and I scored 138. I was told that I am a visionary philosopher.

    I would like to clarity a few things for those of you who seem to think that your actual score on the test is the only determining factor for your IQ results. Your actual test results are compared with the results of people on your age group that took the test. So if you even achieved a perfect score on the IQ test, you may never get a score of 145 or above if your group generally does good.

    This means even if you took the test again, your IQ results will not improve sufficiently by large increment. If you are going to blame anybody, blame your age group.


  25. OK…so, have we been “had”…or is it a gift of our enquiring minds–combined with the Web-world to be able to find…miracle of all miracles/ a whole FLOCK of “birds of a feather”??!!
    I hope you all have had as much fun getting to this page as I have…136 Visionary Philosopher here, too………..
    Below, my salute to all fellow Plato-ites in the e-world :^).

    Alas, the Visionary Philosopher
    Self-proud as wit and wisdom’s “Occifer”
    Sallies forth on cyber-wave
    To What it Means…… but then we rave
    or maybe, try to save our face,
    or laugh, when asking with some slight Grace
    “How could so many others be…
    a 136…just like me?”

  26. Scmokk!!!
    I got 133 – Visionary Philosopher…Two thumbs up for all Plato-wannabees!! 😉

  27. I took the thing for fun and got 138; V.P. as well. Guess finding this site proves that I too am a fart smeller. I am betting that none of us paid the money though. Later.

  28. I am another Visonary philosopher with 135. I was first happy to see the score as I do love philosophy and also Plato. But I had no idea about this VP stuff so I started searching in the web and end up here. After finding so many VP I decided to take the test again but this time by only checking the second answer just to see the outcome. This time the score is 99, a Word Worrior with picture of William Shakespeare. The comment:

    “Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you’re able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that’s just a small part of what we know about you from your test results. ”

    I think whatever is the score emode uses some attractive words to influence test takers to buy the report. Unfortunately no one among the visionary philosophers seems to have paid for it.

  29. Soory to most of you, but I came inas VP, 138. Then found this place with google, as so many have before me. Just off to take the test agin with random answers, out of curiosity. I like the guys who’ve managed to get 80’s and 90’s scores out of it, and read the strained attempts to make those reulsts ound good so people will buy their full report! 😀

  30. 86, Word Warrior on random answers. I think ‘Word Warrior’ must be the suck-up term for ‘fucktard’. As for the guy who asked about the box with seven shapes, I think the missing one was the blank circle with the dark grey(UK spelling, sorry) cross above it.

  31. Yes, I did the same thing as all of you. Ran a Google search on Visionary Philospher and wound up here. Score 136. Sounds about average for this group. How representative are the posters here? I wonder how many people take the test and if they are representative of the general population. I did not spend any money on the subscription scheme though. As someone else aptly wrote, “tightwad visionary philosopher” whatever that may be.

  32. a great test, but it’s obvious that you’re supposed to score high so you buy that report. seriously, didnt 18 of 20 questions make you think: “wtf, is this test going to tell me if i can tie my shoe lace without help?” (maybe 20 of 20 if you’re from an english speaking country).

    first i thought the result is coming quite close. philosopher sure sounds like me (meaning, wasting all my time thinking about life instead of living it.. which kind of contradicts the result of 138). but that part about being so great in explaining things? please? i can’t even explain simple things without getting puzzled looks, so i guess i spent my whole life trying to explain extremely complicated stuff to extremely dumb people? and visionary? coming up with great ideas? is that still true if every decent idea is coming with 99 other and stupid ones? not to mention you usually find out that someone else had the same idea a few hundred years ago.

    i had horoscopes that came a lot closer without me answering 20 questions, so i’m afraid: no money from me.

    oh, and guess how i came here ,-)

  33. We all ended up here, didn’t we? I got a 142 and Visionary Philosopher. I didn’t buy the full result purportedly explaining what VP is. Has anyone?

  34. I scored a 145 on a “real” IQ test (my parents made me take one when I was 16… to show me that I was smart and didn’t have to suck in school). Now I’m 35, unemployed for 2 years running, take two different kinds of anti-depressants and am writing an entry into a website that I know nothing about at 2:12 a.m. with my pants around my ankles. I’m even thinking about joining MENSA just to throw off their member income average…muhahahaha!!!

  35. Im A 131 and never went past high school. My parents are from a foriegn land and i worked construction all my life . I do agree on the visianary part as i have inventions and i seam to want to figure out in life whats it all about and try to talk to others as to lifes issues !!

  36. VP also (131). However, after taking the test I am intrigued why so many of us then went on to do a search for “Visionary Philosopher”?

  37. I got a little confused with my results because the test said I have a 147iq but I’m failing every course in school but math… I think these test are leaning one way aren’t they… It also said that I’m a visionary thingy, but I wwent back and made sure I answered all of them wrong (going back and forward) and I got a 93. How screwed up is that???

  38. 136/VP. “Grape” was the answer I gave, because it was the only one without a single, identifiable color commonly associated with it (two colors of grapes, after all). So much for that “vine” business. 😉

    Yes, the answer to the question was the unfilled circle with a dark cross above it. The other one that a lot of my friends missed was:


  39. this morning i took the tickle iq test and got 129 and it said i was a “visionary philosopher” my husband took the test a while ago and got 120something? and is a “word warrior” i sent the test address to my brother and his results were 126 “word warrior” i knew i was smarter than the men in my life (hee hee). i wonder if my “word warrior” men will end up posting a message on some “word warrior” page?
    wasn’t grape the right answer because it is the only one without a pit.
    i wish i could see the rest of my results but of course won’t pay.
    for more tests http://www.healthyplace.com/site/tests/psychological.asp
    i was on there seeing if i was a depressed alcoholic with personality disorder and by the way, what is my iq (ha ha).
    i graduated high school 5th to ‘last’ in my class after my ‘second’ senior year (too much booze and sex).

  40. This is so funny! I’m a nearly 50 year old woman who got sucked into this IQ test! I scored a 142 and was feeling pretty smart. Of course I had to run to Yahoo to find out what Visionary Philosopher meant! To all my VP comrads, I love you, you’re great! At least we’re smart enough to not go purchase their trash!

  41. I scored 133, only to find myself shrieking at the screen in dispair, as I was informed that I reside in the bottom 10-20% on mathematical questions.

    I then noticed the underlaying “SAMPLE PAPER” in a patronisingly large font.

    I think Plato can rest easy.

  42. I challenge any one to get lower than that. But look at the spin Afterwards. Gee wiz I’m an inventive Inquisitor

    Congratulations, Tom!
    Your IQ score is 72

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.

  43. Umm, right, I’m a visionary philosopher, too, and smart as a whip, apparently. I nearly got 100%. Can we all perhaps throw some money together just to see what it means? I mean maybe being a VP means you will go to Eric’s blog.

  44. Visionary Philosopher’s unite for our destiny is to be on Eric’s blog. Me thinks Eric may be AKA Tickle???

  45. Hey there, i just took a different test, scored 133… and am also a Visionary Philosopher… still trying to figure out exactly WTF that means lol! Oh well,…. if u know the answer message me!

  46. hello my name is mick and im a 134 visionary philosipher i thought i had guesed most of the answers but when i got my score i realised i had known em all they just stood out to me…im on my sisters computer som i wont get your ,males.. cheeers mick

  47. hi its mick again us volisionarey philosphers should stick together io just redid the test and got 899 ……..what aloiad ov trash……….test mwans nothin!!!!!!

  48. This is like a serene refuge from the 97.77% of the rest of the world. Get a brain morans! Apparently a common trait of the Visionary Philosopher is to be cheap. So I don’t suppose I could interest anyone here in a “I’m a Visionary Philosopher” t-shirt, could I? Maybe I’ll go ask those Inventive Inquisitor ‘tards. One funny thing about the test was when I entered my e-mail address and it told me I was already registered. Apparently someone has been using screw@you.com without my permission!

  49. I recently started college. I scored 143 on that test a month ago when I came across it on the Internet. I just came across the test again and took it, scoring 138. I lost 5 IQ points in one month. If I keep doing this well, by the time I graduate from college, I could be brain dead. Oh well, might as well party!

  50. im just another vp(135) and trying 2 figure out what it means. from the brief description it seems 2 b accurate but i am a bit interested in the full report but unwilling 2 pay, so if any 1 knows please let me know. by the way are any of u into metal? \m/(>

  51. wonder if intellectual capacity has anything to do with taste or personality. maybe us vp have more in common than just being cheap

  52. Today is my day off and have absolutely nothing to do but to think about my life instead of living it like the true philosopher that i am so i went ahead and took the inkblot test as well, and only led to more wasted time

  53. Yes, I DO have too much time on my hands.

    Other groups REALLY aren’t as smart as those here. (Go ahead and check the other blogs.)

    The highest score of 144 yields a VP.

    VP’s rule (except my homeland is ruled by idiots).

    Debra B: love the verse.

    The answers are here: http://www.able2know.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9935&highlight=

    The 3×3 puzzle is a paradox, caused by cell r3,c1. It is a black small box (the smalls don’t vary in color) but SHOULD BE a white circle. (I don’t accept same color items per cell although I DO support same sex relationships. Humm.) Cell r3,c2 is still a white circle (meeting my modified rule of different colors per cell & meeting the implied rule that the 3 large symbols are not all the same color in a row or column.) BTW, cell r1,c2 should have a small black box and a large white oval. JMHO.

    I AM curoius how I would need to respond to be rated as a “cunning linguist.” :^ P


  54. Seems to be a lot of visionary philosophers around. Add me to the list. A 136 aswell. One wonders……..

  55. Holy shit Chet….. I took this test (score of 141….kneel before Zod you ‘tards) and used my near super hero-like visionary philosopher abilities to yahoo search for my true destiny in life and ended up finding other aimless losers like me. Joyous day…kaloo..kalay. I wonder if we all have the same type of visionary humour ’cause I laughed my fuckin ass off reading these goddamn hi-larious posts here. Oh and thanks to whoever posted that dark-hole abyss of a fukin’ page with all the goddamned psychological tests to aid my obsesessive need to think that something is wrong with me either physically or mentally. Later fellow losers…J 😉

  56. Visionary Philosopher. – Maybe we should form a group?

    Titter ye not!

    PS 135

  57. Oh, fine, this ìflyingpigî is inspired by the ìflyingdogî. My name is Yiping.
    Same as you people, I took the test and got a VM paper crown, didnít want to pay for the report, googled and came here.
    Honestly, I donít think some of the questions there are designed to have a single ìrightî answer. For example, I remember the one ìWisdom is knowing what to do next;____ is doing it.î My favorite answer is ìhappinessî since I truely believe this where happiness originates from. But somebody up there was claming the ìcorrectî pick is ìvirtueî. The reason? ìb/c it fits bestî. Well, this is a personal preference issue. I value content more than sentence flowóthis might because I have only being speaking English intensively for a mere two and half years. A similar example will be the one about ìpure and simple truthî (hope everybody here knows which one Iím talking about). If I were retaking the test, Iíd still choose ìcompleteî. So again, content precedes any so-called witty talk, in my opinion:D).
    You know, I started to think that this maybe how this test catagorizes visual mathematicians and visionary philosophersójust a guess.
    Oh, finally, I took the test b/c Iím confused I have plenty of time at hand. Iím a senior in college and I donít have a damn idea about what should I do nextówhich is to say I donít have any wisdom according to the test makers and which is followed by that I shall receive no happiness according to YipingÖ
    I study mathematics in school only because there is higher concentration of smart and humble professors in that department. I have no clue what Iím going to do with math. I know I can make a good teacher, but Iím not sure about whether teaching is the thing that I want to do. Iím thinking about going to law school after being rejected by an internship in Deutsche Bank, as my English is gradually getting better. So if any of the highly intelligent people here can offer me some advice, Iíd really appreciate it.
    All right, Letís pray that some scrupulous lawyers who are relatively intelligent and very cheap and also receieved the paper crown or a similar one that I got. BTW, mine is 135 and please pay no attention to it, since it really doesnít mean anything.

  58. Gosh, I never would have guessed there are as many people as smart as I am (142). Hey, what do you say we get together for a BBQ — lot o’ ribs and beer — oh yeah, almost forgot, make that ribs and Pepsi. (And you thought I’d say Coke, didn’t you?) All right, it’s settled then. See you on the South Lawn Saturday night at 6:00! Can’t wait to meet all you other smarties!

  59. What is the top personal score you can receive on this test? What is considered well, average, above average, in order, catagorization place and top exceptional score?

  60. I cant tell you my I.Q. score.But after I took the I.Q. test.The government busted down my door and has kiddnapped me.This is my first contact with civilization.Wait someone is coming.

  61. The only reason we are at this website is because
    we are to smart or to cheap to pay the I.Q. testing for more information.We know the internet will tell us what a visionary philosipher is.Why would we pay for information we can get for free.Although time is not free and will continue so the time we have lossed roming around these websites costs as much as if we would have just paid the money.So if time is money money is time? true or false? So which is more important time or money? If time and money are one in the same are they both as important as the other? If money is the root of all evil is time aswell?

  62. Google on down. This post is filled with lol.
    VP = too smart to pay for the results.
    I must flow my mental energy toward the advacement of others knowledge. 131

  63. Just like anybody else on this page I took the same test and turned ou to be, sit back and be amazed, a visionary philosopher. I too had my five minutes of glory, during which I thought that my intelligence exceeded that of many, many others(yeey, let’s celebrate

  64. the only thing we clicked on this link for was to see if some sucker paid them to get the long definition of “visionary philosopher”
    As to the IQ score comparing, get a life, and I would add that my penis is awe inspiring.

  65. 138 and visionary as well…what a shame would of preferred to of thought of myself being smart since not much else has gone my way. Guess I took too many shots to the head growing up

  66. The test was entertaining, but this blog was even more fun. I’ll certainly join if you ever get organized. Of course, it will probably never happen, since “visionary” means “brilliant ideas” and “philosopher” means “too damn lazy to do anything about it.” Meanwhile, “word warrior” probably means “mediocre ideas well packaged and well promoted”, i.e. they rule while we watch.

  67. Just to say that I love the last post ! the blog definitely worth the time I lost doing the test 😉

  68. I believe everyone here should get -20 for clicking on a pop up, and another loss for coming here to talk about it.

  69. I agree ha ha. But, while I’m already here, I got a 142 at 4:30 in the morning.

  70. I hope you all realize that you’re responding in good Socratic form (self-deprecating, skeptical, searching…). Or maybe i’m just reading too far into my own 136 VP. I self-timed myself at 30 minutes, but I suppose it still might be relatively unaccurate. In any case: we may not be the top one percentile, but we’re definitely neither stupid nor ‘average.’

  71. 137 IQ>what are the chances of everyone actually looking up what the heck a v.p. is? I guess i’m just as stupid as the rest of you.

  72. 142, but I cheated. I had to look up the virtue quote and how to calc the sides of a right triangle. I’m too old to remember everything I ever knew but thankfully, knowledge resources today are fairly cheap – a boon for VP’s. I also took the recently patented profile survey at eharmony and found that humor is a tool frequently used by folks like me. It also mentioned something about maybe talking too much, but I just chalk that up to the VP syndrome. Oh, and true to form, I didn’t give them any money either.

  73. I too, clicked on the pop up… too tempting to pass up. Or maybe just bored, because my tv has been tuned to cartoons for the past 3 1/2 hours (thanks to my 3 year old grandson). I scored 138. I also am a VP, ahem… I also typed “visionary philosopher” in the search bar and wound up here. I didn’t give them my money either. It’s been enlightening reading the posts here..

  74. Alright, another one of the ilk. I think it’s hilarious we’re all looking for free “insight” to our test results. Well, count me among you…There’s no compensation for test anxiety in these forums anyway. Ah well. I WILL say however, I am an artist and a writer and was pretty impressed it managed to cover those two qualities in its representation! (Rather than, say, mathematician and outdoorsperson; neither of which would fit in with my personality or the vaguest sense of what I perceive to be my talents.)

  75. Apparently I am a Visionary Philosopher with an IQ of 142. I also searched for what that meant and ended up here. Now what?

    I feel significantly less special. 🙁

  76. i had a few beers and clicked on that testing link. i too am a visionary philopher. though i am not sure that taking the test intoxicated produced the most accurate results.

    however, its good to know that all you visionary philosophers also have the wits to take the free test and then google the meaning rather than paying for some BS report.

    you all make me proud to be a VP!

  77. Yes, everyone is a Visionary Philosopher. Ooh… And yet, not one person that made a remark seems to know just what a Visonary Philosopher is. IQ’s of 133, 136 and even a 146(…wow!), but still nobody to elaborate on just what they think they are according to a dumb internet IQ test. Pity. I guess you all really are the intilectuals of our future. God help us!

  78. I took the test and my mark was 115…
    This is what they told me..

    Your IQ score is 115

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you’re able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that’s just a small part of what we know about you from your test results.


  79. yeah…I know my marks is the worst…so what!!???
    IQ is less important than EQ and SQ…;P

  80. Okay, alright, so there are more than 3 VPs. Well as I understand it, 1% of all people are VP’s. So out of 6 billion yahoos on the planet, we number about 60 million, maybe 3 million of us reside in the USA. Now we could get together with all our brothers and sisters around the globe and take over some small country. We could, but we’re too damn cheap.

  81. I scored a 131 and thought I was speacial cuz they called me a visionary philosopher dude… I felt special for about 5 minutes. After I got the result i started searching google for this vp crap and found this fucking site. I’m soooooo bombed out! lol. I guess i’m not that special after all ahahahhaah. anyways, it was fun while it lasted. =)

  82. I took this test about 6 months ago and scored 135 and also was told I ‘m a VP. What the heck is that? I drive a Buick, was broke for 10 years, now work as a Real Estate Assoc.Broker and Bank Loan Officer ; I do BOTH full- time because I can. I’m also a self diagnosed AADD . Visionary Philosopher? I don’t think so. Any comments?

  83. i bet im the youngest of you rocking vps (seeing as im just about to take my gcses). A proud visionary philosopher (138) in awe of my hidden calling in life.. for a day, untill this lil chat site full of nobody who actually knew the meaning of v.p. -or else they wouldnt have found this place- ruined it alll.lol
    Though if your IQ is calculated by comparing it against your peers then can we really say we are all of the same ‘superior intelligence’ and so if we’re not of the same intelligence level, then can how can we all be visionary philosophers..?

  84. I took the test and got 136. My parents told me that I got a 135 on an IQ test when I was a young child (apparently thats when they typically administer it).

    A number of others above noted similar results. It is interesting to see such consistent scores despite the passage of time, the very different venues for the test, and possibly even a different format with different types of questions.

  85. So if you click on the ‘go back to results page’ at the intial offering for the full report, you are forwarded through a bunch of paid advertisments, if you fill one out you can then access the “full report” without paying for it…here is the link for Visonary Philsophy…15 pages of bullhonky…


    I hope it works, wouldn’t that be a fitting end to this thread…

  86. well, same story for me. 133 and I am just like Plato.

    i have been doing some searching of tests and results. everywhere i go, i see people posting their IQ scores. oddly enough, no one’s score is every below 115 or so. The graphs at highsociety.org (a site where once you score over 126, you get invited to an elite web society…for a price of course. i should never bothered taking that test,even though i scored a 132 on a test that was much harder than the tickle.on test) say that above 120 is in the 3-4% range decreases exponentionally with the higher score. Where are all these smart people coming from?

  87. 142 here. I too just bypassed all the solicitations, and ultimately got a free report. The flowerly language was flattering of course, but I was more interested in knowing what I got wrong. Apparently, I’m not too good at recognizing that 400, 100, and 3600 are all squares of whole numbers (and that 900 is the only match). Regarding the grape thing… it’s the only one that doesn’t have a stone. At least that’s why I picked it. Although, the vine/tree argument has merit as well. Cheers, fellow VPs.

  88. i am a visual mathematician and compared this test with my word warrior and visionary philosopher friends and figure i search around to get a answer to this and get this answer. about how this test really works so enjoy learning this info for free.

    Your 4 Intelligence Scales

    Now let’s look at the factors that contribute to you being a Visual Mathematician with a 127 IQ score.
    Based on the results of your test, Emode divided your scores into four distinguishable dimensions — mathematical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence and logic intelligence.

    Mathematical Intelligence
    Your Mathematical Percentile

    You scored in the 100th percentile on the mathematical intelligence scale.This means that you scored higher than 90% – 100% of people who took the test and that 0% – 10% scored higher than you did.
    Your mathematical intelligence score represents your combined ability to reason and calculate. You scored relatively high, which means you’re probably the one your friends look to when splitting the lunch bill or calculating your waitresses’ tip. You may or may not be known as a math whiz, but number crunching might come a little easier to you than it does others.

    Visual-Spatial Intelligence
    Your Visual-Spatial Percentile

    You scored in the 100th percentile on the visual-spatial intelligence scale.
    This means that you scored higher than 90% – 100% of people who took the test and that 0% – 10% scored higher than you did. The scale above illustrates this visually.

    The visual-spatial component of intelligence measures your ability to extract a visual pattern and from that envision what should come next in a sequence. Your score was relatively high, which could mean that you’re the one navigating the map when you’re on an outing with friends. You have, in some capacity, an ability to think in pictures. Maybe this strength comes out in subtle ways, like how you play chess or form metaphors.

    Linguistic Intelligence
    Your Linguistic Percentile

    You scored in the 80th percentile on the linguistic intelligence scale.
    This means that you scored higher than 70% – 80% of people who took the test and that 20% – 30% scored higher than you did. The scale above illustrates this visually.

    Linguistic abilities include reading, writing and communicating with words. Emode’s test measures knowledge of vocabulary, ease in completing word analogies and the ability to think critically about a statement based on its semantic structure. Your score was

    Logical Intelligence
    Your Logical Percentile

    You scored in the 80th percentile on the logical intelligence scale.
    This means that you scored higher than 70% – 80% of people who took the test and that 20% – 30% scored higher than you did. The scale above illustrates this visually.

    Emode’s logical intelligence questions assess your ability to think things through. The questions determine the extent to which you use reasoning and logic to determine the best solution to a problem. Your logic score was relatively high, which could mean that when the car breaks down, your friends look to you to help figure out not only what’s wrong, but how to fix it and how you’re going to get to the next gas station.

    How are the percentiles determined? These percentiles were determined based on the one million users who have already taken our test. We then adjusted these percentiles based on a nationally representative IQ distribution to make sure that no level of intelligence was over-or underrepresented in the analysis. Thus, the percentiles we present reflect your score compared with people in the United States in general.

    peace out and i wont reply anymore.

  89. well i took this iq test and scored 102 and
    i thought to my self “im fucking stupid” so
    i went and smoked a fat blunt and took hella bong rips. i later come home (still faded as shit) and took another one of these iq tests and as i suspected i did better…a lot better because now i scored 132 and it said i was a Visionary Philosopher. so if u want to be smarter i recomend u to smoke some weed. because as u can c u r a lot smarter when ur stoned.
    iq test sober-102
    iq test high-132

  90. ŒïŒØŒºŒ±Œ? Œø œÄŒ±œÅŒ±Œ?œÉŒ?Œ?œÉŒ?Œ±Œ?œåœÇ œÜŒ?ŒªœåœÉŒøœÜŒøœÇ. ŒïŒ?œé Œ†ŒªŒ¨œÑœâŒ?Œ±œÇ.

  91. I had a lot of fun reading all your entries, agree with most. Learned a few things along the way, thanks. I didnt get the square root one until after the test, drats! I guess this has been going on for quite some time. Typical of me to be so far behind.
    Wishing all you VP’s the very best,
    Jane 138 Jetson

  92. Retards untie!!

    No, I confess I cheated to get down with the covetted II class. We II’s know how to think up the questions, and we’re prode of it. For example: why wold you wanna be a VP? Not to many off the VP’s above wrote a reply that was errarless and grandmatically perfect, eh? I rest my astoundingly heavy (dense?) brane.

  93. completed the test the 1st time and got a result of 136, visionary philosopher blah blah. Tried it a second time specifically answering every question wrong and this is what came up (oh yes i used the name Karen the 2nd time):

    Congratulations, Karen!
    Your IQ score is 75

    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.

    Find out more in your personalized 15-page IQ Report. It’s ready right now!

    Sample Report
    In your IQ Report:

    A summary of your intellectual strengths from certified staff PhDs
    How your IQ compares to others
    Average Tickle IQ scores by state
    Charts and graphs of your results on 5 intelligence scales
    Simple exercises to improve your IQ
    The complete answer key to all the test questions

  94. Yet another Visionary Philosopher here….now feel like more of a nimrod. I even posted my score on my computer with my new title next to it for all to see. But i am glad it brought me to this site…everyone is hilarious…all of us are geniuses with twisted wit and humor. BTW…when I was 11 I was brought to the school board for testing and they wanted to put me in an excellerated class because I was above everyone else in my “normal” class.

  95. First time I got Word Warrior 100 while having booze.

    Second Time ding ding Word Warrior 126

    Darn Increased my IQ by 26 points,if
    i keep it I’ll Be a Real Genius before
    Singing the Dinga ling song as i go along!LOL!!!

  96. hey, I’m 17 years old and I took the same damn test… it told me i got a 136 and was also a “visionary philosopher”…

    I think the IQ part is legit but the VP part is bullshit lol…

    On a happier note, this might be one of the smarter forums on the web I think:)

  97. I would feel left out now if I didn’t post my own 138 VP score now… And of course the story never changes, another lonely night on the computer, another IQ test, and yet another shmuck who wanted to know what the hell ‘Visionary Philosopher’ meant. Congrats to all! And I agree with several above, the test may be worthless but finding this site was entertainment enough to make it worth taking at least once. And no, this cheapskate didn’t pay for the full result either.

  98. Number 109: Missgroove, don’t you mean “accelerated”? lol.

  99. Ah yes, I also join the ranks of the Visionary Philosophers society. I find it an eloquent phrase an I’m quite proud of it…. NOT! There now I’m truly an idiot again.

  100. VP in the hizzy! 135! The real geniuses are the marketing scammers getting dumbasses with inflated IQ’s to dish out 15 bucks a pop (give or take) to learn what you’re supposed to be doing with your life. So I guess all those years spent at the bar telling my friends how to cheat on their g/f’s is my utilization of “VP”. I like to think of myself more as an (AI) “Audile Ignoramus”.

  101. I’m pretty sure most of the people in this forum have higher IQ’s than the ones tickle has been distributing. I’m 15, I have nothing to do, I clicked a myspace pop-up. Spent 2 hours taking retarded Tickle tests. The IQ one gave me a 136, the super IQ test gave me a 133. With all those ridiculously big words in the abridged (free)version I found out I was “Visionary Philosopher”, and that “Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns.” Ha. Bullshit. I don’t think Plato would have taken 3 years to pass Math A. I’m great at everything BUT Math. Tickle’s a bunch of bullshit, and they aren’t getting any money anytime from any f us VPs. I’ll bet they get money from the dipshits who take the test though, ’cause seriously, if you were a total dumbass who was just called an “Inventive Inquisitor”, wouldn’t you want to support those people?
    And just for the record, according to the tickle test, my superpower is animal communication. What kind of crappy power is that? What ever happened to flying, or X-Ray vision? Tickle sucks!

  102. And like everyone else, I had my 3 minutes of euphoria after learning that I had a mind possessed by only 6 out of every 1,000 people. Screw tickle. What a stupid name for a test website anyway.

  103. I’m gonna go with something sme one already said here. We should totally get our own country, and devise an anti-tickle government. Buuuut, we’re just too damn cheap. Oh well. It’s a fun idea.

  104. I’m still bored, so I just busted Tickle. Fellow VPs, we’re right. “Inventive Inquisitor” is tickle code for absolute fucking moron. I just went to Tickle, got EVERY SINGLE answer wrong, and this is what they told me.

    Congratulations, Douche Bag!
    Your IQ score is 72
    This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

    Your Intellectual Type is Inventive Inquisitor. You have the unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills. This means you are a creative thinker and are uniquely good at teaching others through experiences. You are also a great improviser and very good at handling change.”

    No, they’re such assholes. I put my name down as douche bag, because if they would have given me the score I earned (a flat zero), douche bag would be the appropriate way to address me. It was also quite kind of them to send a copy of the results to imanidiot@numbnuts.com.
    What a scam.

  105. And according t the super IQ test I’m a Numerical Logician, aka math genius. Unfortunately, while I write on a college level, my mathematical skills hardly overshadow a 12 year old. Tickle is dumb as hell.

  106. I suppose Numerical Logician could be taken as “just enough logic to count to 10”.

  107. Here’s a scenerio for the “Iventive Inquisitor”….. Our soon to be “bright” subject has invented something, a paper clip conformed into a the shape of something just less than its original form. The malleable nature of the object fascinates the inquisitive one as he looks at the light socket. . . . .

  108. I was surfing the internet Monday afternoon during my break, and found your blog by searching MSN for bong of destiny. This is a topic I have great interest in, and follow it closely. I liked your insight on i am a visionary philosopher very much, and it made for good reading. Keep up the good work…

  109. Scored a 138 and a Visionary Philosopher

    I am sure you noticed that we all have scored high and most of us told we are a Visionary Philosopher. But most of us also probably googles our score and Visionary Philosopher which lead us to this blog. So we may just be the cluster of the top 2.1% blogging here. Think a little higher of yourselves. You know you’re smart, so celebrate it!

  110. i answered every question the same and scored 75. it told me i was a dumb ass

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