blow out

another great day out on the san francisco bay, with near perfect weather, and the captains aboard with no guest crew. at the beginning of the day, i had the jib laid out on the dock, applying some wind tells that i had bought. one of the stitches looked a little worn out, and i showed it to steen, and we decided that the seam needed repair, but that it would last through the day. this decision would come to haunt us. (not really, but it sounds like a pretty good teaser for what later happened). we passed the breakwater around 10:30 or so, in foggy but warm conditions with a 5-10 knot wind out of the west, and a pretty glassy smooth bay. we took a heading out of the marina for the windward side of angel island, and made some good time with a series of tacks, beating our way towards the golden gate bridge. plenty of boats out, several races going on, a good amount of practicing right-of-way, and several hours later, we were past angel island and flying along, about 15 minutes from the GG when captain steen informs me we’ve blown the jib. i headed the boate into the wind, and steen pulled it down. under sail with just the main, we aborted the bridge trip for another day and cruised down the raccoon strait and then nearly to the san rafael bridge in some gorgeous warm weather sailing, finally making it back to the marina around seven, then off to juan’s for a super carne asada. more to follow during the week as we stitch the sail and probably buy a replacement. check out the photos over in the photo section.






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