suffering from neglect

looks like the thinking aloud in public has suffered mildly from neglect as a result of having another blog mistress over at….my spare time has been taken up with sleeping, and creating a master relational database to consolidate all the various pieces of information that i collect at the gallery into a usable form. and practicing my marlinspike.
thinking about sailing has made me focus more intensively on certain philosophical threads that i see mirrored in my overall outlook on things. mainly, sailing well is, like living well, the practice of constantly reexamining the circumstances you find yourself in, and adapting to the change in a manner that moves you along most efficiently towards your goal. part of that reexamination is coming up with ways to measure your progress other than the subjectively observable, and towards that goal i have wanted for some time to set up a better system that will allow all involved in running minna to more easily access and glean insight from the measurable facts of the gallery.
in the process of deciding how to go about setting up a more comprehensive analytic system for the gallery, i have decided to use filemaker rather than try to build something in mysql/php. i still have to build the thing from the ground up in filemaker, but the tools are more ready-to-hand, to get all heidegger. and somewhere along the line i spent some time working in filemaker, although i can’t remember the specific application.
i’m pretty sure that to some extent i’ll be reinventing the wheel here, but who gives a shit. i didn’t go to business school, i went to drunken philosophy/songwriter schoole. ok it’s late for my new wake sleep pattern, so i’m headed to snooze.






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