maiden voyage

yesterday was the first excursion onto the waters of the bay. aboard were captains steene and eric, and jib trimmer ming. the weather was outstanding, the wind was strong, and all in all it was a highly successful day. we sailed out to clipper cove on treasure island and dropped anchor, where we had a bunch of tasty snacks. then we sailed off of anchor, and in the process brought aboard a huge amount of thick bay silt, which proceeded to get all over the boate, including some rather unsightly stains on the jib.
we sailed out of clipper cove, under the bay bridge, and into the doldrums on the lee side of treasure island. luckily, it was a fairly short-lived period of no wind, and soon we were back underway with a good wind headed back under the bridge and around treasure island. as we came out of the lee of san francisco, we caught some serious gusts and rolling swells that made for an exciting run back into the berkeley marina.
photos of the day can be seen here.






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  1. bret Avatar

    awesome. congrats to steen and e

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