writing lyrics sucks

yep. just was working on a song for a while. writing words to a good melody is not fun. they always seem to color the inherent musical emotion with either a spelled-out story that points back to what you think that essence is, or you run contrary to what you think that core emotion is and go for the “interesting contrast”, or you just make a non-story string of words that somehow fit (or don’t). hmmm. even trying to explain why it is hard sounds like pure shiite. i think i would rather write stories at this point in my life. not ballads. actual written prose, not singing. but that takes more long-term effort, and i’m not sure that i have the patience for that. i’m imagining working for six months on something, or a year, and then deciding that i need to start over, because the whole thing is dogshit. i like writing lyrics when they are done. i don’t like the process of coming up with a bunch of cleverly turned phrases, recording them, and at the last minute deciding to change them all. writing the words to a song is one of the few things in my life about which i can say i enjoy the process very little. this is probably an issue i need to work on. being drunk used to work. or at least i minded the process less. ok i’m bored with my creative frustration. on to boat news.
we are taking title at 5:30 on wednesday. that means, in my mind, we cast off around 6:30. phil has brought up the issue of sailing at night on a boat that is unfamiliar. ok, it’s probably not the wisest idea. boats in general are not the province of the wise, they are a head on the water into which drunks piss their money away. so the point of that non-sequiter is….in my mind, we cast off around 6:30.
i’m supposed to play a set at the second minna band night on saturday, so tomorrow night i think i’ll practice after i jam some guitar with bithiah’s brother. then, if i’m not hearing it, i can always say that i have pressing nautical related issues. this apartment is getting pretty clean. yesterday in a fit of acquired obsessive compulsive disorder, i spent about twelve straight hours looking around, identifying areas where there was probably some dirt, and proceeding to clean. to give you some idea, i removed the toilet seat and attacked the hinges with chlorinated scouring powder and an old toothbrush. there is still (ed note: quite) a bit of chaos around, but things are definitely cleaner around here. hmm. that reminds me i am going to go put a load or two of laundry in.






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